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Chocolate Bourbon Biscuits

Chocolate Bourbon Biscuits
When a sweet craving hits, but shopping feels like a chore, these delicious, "could not be simpler" Chocolate Bourbon Biscuits are definitely the answer, as they can be made with ingredients from the pantry or store cupboard! Unapologetically a British biscuit, they are crunchy rather than chewy, with a delicious creamy filling. Perfect with a cuppa and your feet up!

Makes - 20


For the  Biscuit

250g plain flour

125g Butter

125g golden caster Sugar

50g cocoa powder

1tsp bicarbonate of soda

3tbsp Milk 

For the Filling

150g Butter

250g Icing sugar

15g cocoa powder


Weigh out all of the biscuit ingredients into one bowl (ensuring you sieve the flour, bicarbonate and particularly the cocoa to avoid the lumps) Transfer the biscuit ingredients to a food processor and pulse until the ingredients come to a dough (a couple of minutes of long pulses) That’s the dough done! Roll out and cut, either into traditional rectangles (or use a cutter and stamp as I have here, as they hold their shape well).


Refrigerate the biscuits for at least 30 minutes before transferring to the oven and bake at 160degrees for 25 minutes.


Meanwhile make the ‘cream’ by mixing all of the filling ingredients (again sieving is definitely worthwhile) with a free standing mixer or electric whisk (it’s too tough by hand). The filling seems quite dry but don’t be tempted to add milk or water, it’ll come together eventually! Once the butter cream is ready and the biscuits are cool, pipe (or spread) the cream filling onto one side of half the biscuits, then sandwich together with the other. 

By Nikki Neale (@nikki.neale.bakes)

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