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Off to Uni - Kirsten's Imparted Wisdom with What to Take

Off to Uni - Kirsten's Imparted Wisdom with What to Take

Having completed my first year at university I would like to impart my wisdom on what I recommend you should take in order to make your experience a thousand times easier:

Two sets of duvet covers – If you dread the weekly (more like tri-weekly) wash, then two sets of duvet covers act as your saviour. In the likely event of you not wanting to wash and replace your sheets in one day, one cover can be kept aside to wash another day.

Hip flask - Alcoholic but cheap? I got your back. As with the two sets of duvet covers, the key to this list is practicality. Think you’ll never stoop to a level of buying a coke at the bar and making it Irish in the bathroom? Think again.
Student Hip Flask

Dishwasher tool - Yeh I know, you probably scoffed at this one. The thing is, I managed to lose mine for 3 weeks ("how does one lose this?", I hear you ask…? Honestly I’d like to hear your suggestions) and it resulted in 3 weeks of some kind of competitive Tetris style dish piling in the sink. Whilst this was fun for a while, I stepped up as the hero I am (by buying a new one) to carry my flat mates back into civilized society.

Fairy lights
– Light up your life. Everything in your room instantly becomes more homely with this simple addition. Kinda kitsch but kinda for a reason.
Fairy Lights

Printer - St Andrews in particular charges you to print so it may well be worth your while to invest in a printer. Although this sounds like an expensive possession, there are printers going for £30 or less and prevent a dash across town to the nearest printer when you’ve forgotten to print an assignment.

Diffuser - With the danger of looking like a snob by listing this item as an essential I hasten to add that my room smelt like feet until I got one. Unless your accommodation is brand spanking new… I would put this high up your list of items to bring. Primark do amazing smelling ones for only £3!

Blanket (on top of the duvet) – For those chilly nights.

Diary - With your newfound freedom comes responsibility. Whilst you may initially rejoice in the absence of weekly organisers stamped with your school logo. You will come to mourn their absence instead and admit that; yeh, those teachers were onto something.

Framed pictures – Don’t forget your pre-uni life! When times are getting you down it can be nice to be surrounded by those faces you know and love.
Picture Frames

Soft toys - Admittedly, this one is not for everyone. But if you’re going into uni with the ‘I’m far too old for this’ mentality when selecting items to bring, then you’re missing out. And to please who?!
Soft Toys

Storage boxes - Who knew you had so many things to store before you got here? Not me. Also, it’s always good when your room doesn’t look like a blossoming landfill site.
Storage Boxes

Essential Food - And finally to address what you NEED in your kitchen at uni in order to enhance your culinary experience I have listed below the food stuffs that I have accumulated throughout the year in my kitchen cupboard.

Pantry Essentials supply healthy ingredients and have a student hamper on their website especially for new students. It includes all the usual essential ingredients, and snacks and treats for in between lectures and parties.
Student Hamper



Raw Health Blossom Honey

Lightly Sea Salted Crisps

Cheddar Cheese & Chive Crisps

Wheat flour Tortilla Wraps

Spaghetti (White)

Medium Egg Noodles

Basmati Rice (White)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tomato Sauce

Sweet Chilli Sauce



Chilli Powder

Vegetable Bouillon

Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce

Chopped Tomatoes

Tuna Chunks in Brine

Mineral Water

Golden Sugar Fairtrade

My favourite recipes

Chickpea and Pumpkin Curry

Vegetarian Chilli

Baked eggs/Moroccan Eggs/Shakshuka


August 2017

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