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Mint Juice

Mint Juice

This is a very refreshing green juice that will help digestion and assist with you smelling like candy. Toothpaste and gum have mint in them so use lots of mint with cucumber (cucumber is a lover for skin), 5 apples, lemon and big handful of spinach. Bad breath comes through eating too much meat and not allowing enough time for digestion, not enough intervals between big plates of food or bad food combining, these are the more common reasons. Remember the old days when meat was a treat to be enjoyed on special occasions or only two three days in the week. or the one day for fasting. Seems like they were wiser back then afterall. 

Preparation Time: 5 mins

Serves 2


Small bunch of Mint

½ Cucumber

5 Apples

Juice of one Lemon

Handful of Spinach


Using a good juicer, add all the ingredients and simply enjoy whilst gaining all the extra health benefits.


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