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  • Miso Aubergines

    A delicious meat-free meal and great when you are short of time

  • Essential Omega-3

    Most of us in the UK fall short of the recommended intake for Omega-3. In Charlie Parker's 3rd article she explains its properties and where you can find it.

  • The Road to Healthy Veganism

    Can a diet without any animal products be healthy? Our nutritionist Charlie Parker gives advice in her 2nd of 3 new blog posts.

  • Nutritious Nuts

    Nuts: the powerhouse of nutrients; the King of nutritious snacks and a great ingredient to cook with. Nutritionist Charlie Parker writes her fourth article for us!

  • Vietnamese Beef Pho

    This Vietnamese noodle soup is a warming dish, perfect for the recent cold weather - it is perfect for this time of year.

  • Are You Getting Enough Fibre?

    Nutritionist Charlie Parker says the chances are you are not, as the average person in the UK only consumes about 18g/day, which is 12g less than the recommended 30g/day....

  • Freekeh Salad

    Freekeh is a green grain made from young durum wheat which is roasted or smoked then polished to remove the shells, and is used in the same way as bulgur, couscous or pearled...

  • Wholegrains - Why Are They So Nutritious?

    In the second of three articles, Nutritionist Charlie Parker gives tips on why choosing wholegrain over refined grains is a healthier choice, and how to make that choice.

  • Seeds - A Powerful Nutrition Punch

    In the first of a series of three blogs, Nutritionist Charlie Parker praises the virtues of seeds. Seeds pack a powerful nutrition punch, they contain essential amino acids,...

  • Rustic Fish Stew

    Just as we start to think of spring, the weather has got colder and many of us are down with all sorts of colds and flu.What better time to cook this simple, hearty, nutritious...

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