Pumpkin Seeds AA Grade

Pumpkin Seeds AA Grade

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Vegan Vegetarian Wheat Free Dairy Free Organic

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Pumpkin seeds are high in protein, magnesium and zinc. They also contain Iron and Calcium. All these minerals are important for muscle, tissue, nervous and bone health. Additionally, pumpkin seeds contain the essential fatty acid omega 3 which is important for joints, brain and eye health. Pumpkin seeds are usually eaten on its own, mixed into bread and roll recipes, or toppings on soups, salads.

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Recipe Suggestion - Sweet Potato, Carrot and Turmeric Soup


Whole pumpkin seeds.

Produce of China


Typical Values  per 100g

Energy 569kcal/2360kJ

Protein 24.4g

Carbohydrate 15.2g of which Sugar 1.1g

Fat 45.6g of which Saturate 7.0g

Fibre  4.3g

Sodium Trace

Organic  Wheat-free  Does not naturally contain gluten  Vegetarian, Vegan  Dairy-free.

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