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An Introduction 

Food and family are my life!

Having grown up in multicultural South Africa, food was always pivotal in turning all those special celebrations and occasions into lasting memories.  In South Africa we rate the success of any celebration by the food offered.

My parents had five children and an “open door” policy so, if any unexpected friends or family popped by, there was always space at the table and wholesome, home cooked food in abundance. My mum is the inspiration for my love of food, her pantry was always well planned and stocked, enabling her to improvise or stretch any meal in minutes. 



I met Paul and introduced him to the delights of Capetonian cuisine, braais, great weather and the wine route.  We married three years later and I was introduced to pubs, real ale and the British summer! Paul’s job meant that we have lived abroad for several years, in India, Malaysia and South Korea.  It was therefore impossible not to be inspired by the food from all these diverse cultures.

We now live in Surrey and I remain passionate about feeding my family of three children, now young adults, delicious, nutritious meals that keep their bodies healthy and their minds sharp. Mealtimes are the highlight of my day: sitting down together for a meal is vital family bonding time (with plenty of drama and arguments too!).  Living in the UK has made me realise how spoilt and lucky we are here with such a plethora of products at our fingertips. Even more reason for us to cook, enjoy and explore the endless range of nutritious, exciting meals with the extremely accessible variety of ingredients.

Our Healthy Ethos

My main objective is to supply the very best quality, healthy food and show you how to shop in a logical efficient manner by use of the Pantry Essentials website.

My aim is to encourage you to fall in love with cooking by having the components to create meals using only the best ingredients.

We all lead busy lives but cooking appetising, everyday, wholesome meals for my family, I realised the importance of a well-stocked pantry, packed with good quality basics. I do recognise that, for most people, space in the kitchen is at a premium and not everyone has a dedicated pantry area, hence good organisation is the key. I am fortunate enough to have inherited my mother’s concept of a well stocked pantry which I now want to share with you.

Today more than ever people have different dietary requirements, and the use of icons on the website makes it simple to distinguish, for example, where food is Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Organic, Sugar Free, suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans and so on.

Using the suggestions in the exciting recipes contained on the website, you can be cooking and living healthily, gaining all the nutrition and vitamins you need, through some tremendous, nourishing super food, balancing carbohydrates, protein, fibre and fat whilst at the same time watching the calories.  Treats and snacks are also very important, for young and old alike and these are included in our recommendations.

The Recommended Key Essentials for your Pantry!

This is the definitive list of those all important basics. The list may look overwhelming to start, but these ingredients will last a long time and make a world of difference to your cooking. 

 Now you are set to prepare all those ‘lekker’ (delicious) meals and make special memories.



Pantry Essentials, September 2016




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